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Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Romanick specializes in the evaluation and correction of shoulder ailments in the Texas Hill Country. His expertise covers arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement. Shoulder dysfunction is one of the most common complaints with patients, and many of these are associated with rotator cuff, labral and arthriticproblems. When shoulder arthritis advances to the point where other conservative measures have been exhausted, Dr. Romanick offers a total shoulder replacement or a reverse total shoulder to correct the problem.

rotator cuff implant.jpg

Total shoulder replacement: Total shoulder replacements replace the socket and the head of the arthritis shoulder in order to improve function and decrease pain.

Reverse total shoulder: The reverse total shoulder surgery is used for people that have a massive rotator cuff tears that cannot be repaired. The implants replace the joint surfaces, and add constraint to substitute for the absent rotator cuff. Hospitalizations for shoulder replacements are usually 1 to 2 days, and after a period of rehab lead to excellent results.

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Rotator cuff disease: This is one of the most common problems affecting the shoulder. Treatment ranges from conservative methods such as physical therapy, medications, and injections to operative measures which include using an arthroscope through a small incision in the shoulder to resect osteopytes (spurs) and repair the rotator cuff tears. This usually ensures a quick and complete recovery. He consults with local physical therapists to help in the recovery process. Advancements in labral and instability (dislocation) problems allow Dr. Romanick to perform surgery using only a small incision as well.

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