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Total Knee Replacement

With over 20 years of experience in total knee replacement, Dr. Romanick is committed to providing his patients with the latest technological advancements in knee replacement. He has access to all the newest implant designs including gender-specific and unicompartmental replacements. 


What is Total Knee Replacement?

The Total Knee Replacement surgery is used to replace a painful knee joint (most likely due to arthritis) with an artificial joint. It is a resurfacing procedure that resects the surfaces of the joint and replaces it with a metal and plastic implant to function as a normal knee.  

This surgical procedure is reserved for patients with a severe case of arthritis, and who have exhausted all conservative measures such as medications and injections with no success. The goal of this surgical procedure is to eliminate pain and improve mobility of the knee.

The Total Knee Replacement procedure

During total knee replacement surgery, Dr. Romanick makes an incision in the front of the knee to expose all surfaces of the joint. He then removes the damaged surface of the joint and replaces it with a metal (cobalt chrome) femur and a plastic (high molecular weight polyethylene) tibia and patella.

After Total Knee Replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery, along with rehabilitation in the Restore program and physical therapy, leads to great improvement in knee function and much less pain in the knee area.

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